How to enter a horse trials?


HTC-Q : You must be a current member of the HTC-Q, either junior, senior or as a family (2 juniors and 2 seniors). The membership form can be found on the HTC-Q website.

EQUINE CANADA : You must have an Equine Canada (EC) sport license. You’ll have the choice of Bronze (Entry & Pre-Training levels), Silver (Training level), Gold (Preliminary, Intermediate & Advanced levels) or Platinum (FEI competitions). In addition to your sport license, you must check the box beside “Affiliate with Canadian Eventing” (20$ supplement) in order to get your omnibus. You can buy or renew online or print the form on the Equine Canada website.

HORSE PASSPORT : Every horse competing at the Training level and up must have an Equine Canada Passport. As with the membership card, this can be done online or you can print the form on the Equine Canada website. To order a horse passport, you will need a copy of the horse’s registration papers (or a declaration that the horse is not registered), a proof of ownership and a color picture of the horse, from the side, untacked.

CHEVAL QUÉBEC (formerly Fédération Équestre du Québec) : You must be a member of Cheval Québec as a junior, senior or family. You can buy or renew online (and save 2$) or print the form on the Cheval Quebec website.


Once you receive your omnibus you can decide which events you want to attend and you will have all the informations required to enter it.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the opening and closing date of each show you plan to attend, your entry must be received between those dates.




Fill out all the show relative information based on the omnibus, then fill out the rider and horse section. The horse owner information must be filled out as well.

EC SL/-CE # : Your Equine Canada Sport License number

Prov #. : Your Cheval Québec (FEQ) number

PHTA # : Your HTC-Q number

FEI reg. number isn’t required unless it is a FEI competition.

You must always fill the qualification section, no matter what level you are entering!

Don’t forget to fill out the fees section on the right upper corner. Write your checks to the good person and don’t write postdated checks!


You only need to fill one if you wish to have a stall at the show. If you request a tack stall, you will usually need to pay for a second stall.



You must send your entry to the show secretary (not the organizer, unless stated otherwise). Make sure you send the following as well :

-Check(s) (enter your horse name and yours on it to avoid any confusion)

-COPY of your horse coggins (less than a year or 6 months old, depending on the show)

-Copy of all your membership cards



You must be a member of the USEA (US Eventing Association) and your horse must be registered with the USEA as well.  It is a lifetime registration for the horse. You can choose the Limited Status (up to Training level) or the Full Status (Preliminary and up).

If you are competing at the Preliminary level and up, you must also be a member of the USEF (US Equestrian Federation).


In a future article, we will discuss how to enter a FEI competition.

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