Grid of the Month – December 2015

In this new category of articles, I will suggest, every month, a jumping grid-type exercise. This can be useful to vary your work, to address a particular jumping problem or simply to perfect yours and your horse’s technique. If you have suggestions or if you have a specific problem, please let me know!

December 2015

Target: Maintain the pace and balance in the turn between two obstacles

Set Up


Start by setting up three bounces in the width of the arena. Keep them at a low height (18 “) and angle them to follow your turn. Then, at least 3 or 4 strides away, place a jump of your choice in the length of the arena at a height at which you are comfortable.


  1. Start by going over the bounces at each hand, until you are completely comfortable with this exercise. It may take more than one session if you have never done something like this.
  2. Go over the bounces, then follow up with one of the jump on the side of the arena.
  3. Finally, do the complete exercise: jump, bounces on the turn and jump.

Keep in mind that the objective of this grid is to maintain an even pace throughout the exercise and keep the horse under him during the turn between the two jumps.


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