Grid of the Month – March 2016

In this category of articles, I will suggest, every month, a jumping grid-type exercise. This can be useful to vary your work, to address a particular jumping problem or simply to perfect yours and your horse’s technique. If you have suggestions or if you have a specific problem, please let me know!

March 2016

Target : Get better turns when jumping

Set Up


Place four jumps according to the image. You can put the number of strides you want between jumps 1 and 2, 2 and 3, 3 and 4, based on the size of your ring. I recommend to keep the height of the jumps at a level below your competition level.


  1. Begin by warming up on a single jump, both directions.
  2. Start by jumping 1 and 2, then circle after 2. Walk, pat your horse.
  3. From a left lead canter, jump 2 and 3, then circle after 3. Walk, pat your horse.
  4. Once the circles are easy on both directions, do the complete course, from jump 1 through jump 4.

You want to pay attention to where the rider is looking. We want to teach the horse to follow that indication, so he can easily rebalance after a jump and be ready to turn in the desired direction. You can start by doing bigger circles (15 meters), but your goal should be, in multiples work sessions, to do this exercise with 10 meters circles.


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